biological age, metabolic biomarkers of aging, metabolic syndrome


With aging, regular changes develop in metabolism, first of all, these are changes in lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. With accelerated aging, metabolic disorders are more expressed, which leads to the development of metabolic syndrome. The purpose of the work was to develop a method for calculating metabolic age using available clinical tests and to assess the rate of metabolic aging in people with metabolic syndrome. Materials and methods. The study involved 283 apparently healthy people aged 20 to 80 years and 82 people with metabolic syndrome. Anthropometric parameters and biochemical tests were measured for all people included in the study. The formula for calculating metabolic age was obtained by the method of stepwise multiple regression.
Results. The calculation of the metabolic age in healthy people according to the formula we obtained showed that the average absolute error is 6.01 years. In 20.5% of people with metabolic syndrome, metabolic age exceeds chronological age by more than 10 years. At the same time, in the group of healthy people, the share of such people was only 4.2%. Conclusions. The method we have developed for assessing the rate of metabolic aging has a sufficiently high accuracy and can be used to assess the risk of developing metabolic syndrome and other agerelated pathology.


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