The frequency and activity of chlamydial infection in women with autoimmune thyroiditis


  • Goncharova O. A. Kharkiv Postgraduate Medical Academy



autoimmune thyroiditis, reproductive age, postmenopausal period, chlamydial infection


It was studied the frequency and activity of chlamydiosis, as well as the correlative relationship between immunoglobulin G to chlamydia (IgG to Chl) and index of immune status of women with autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT) in postmenopausal (PM) and reproductive (RP) age periods. IgG to Chl were found in 17.5 % of the surveyed women. Expressed differences in the groups with AIT and without thyroid pathology (control) were not found. At the same time this indicator had the opposite age dynamics: against AIT chlamydiosis rate was twice as large at PM, while in the control of chlamydiosis rate was three times higher than in the RP. Levels of IgG to the Chl at the AIT were higher in the PM, in the control group — practically identical in both age periods. In women with AIT correlative relationship between IgG to Chl and immunological parameters greatly differ in age aspect: namely, in PM — only with the components of the T-cell response, in RP — only with natural killer cells and antibodies to thyroglobulin. This fact can be interpreted as the age differences in the algorithm of forming and maintaining the autoimmune process.


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