Ultrasonic diagnostic lipodystrophy in children with diabetes


  • Chumak S. A. SI «Institut for Children and Adolescents Health Care of the NAMS of Ukraine», Kharkiv, Ukraine




diabetes mellitus, insulinotherapy, lipohypertrophy, ultrasonography


This study was done on 122 diabetic patients 1–17 (mean duration of disease was 10 years) who had been under the treatment with insulin a mean 8 years. Observation and palpation techniques, as well as ultrasonography of subcutaneous fat were used in assessing LH in these diabetics. On the basis of palpation LH were revealed in 37,7 % patients. Further ultrasonography of injection sites was performed to all patients. LH were revealed in 72,9 % patients, including those subjects with palpatory changes. Pathologic areas of subcutaneous fat the most often were occurred in paraumbilical regions — 61 % patients. Problem of LH has been modified. As a result, traditional methods of LH diagnostics have become not an informative. Thus, Ultrasound can be used for early diagnosis of lipodystrophy in children with diabetes. The nature of the different LD. Hyper-echogenic areas in the subcutaneous fat may be regarded as the result of injury or blunt needle foreign inclusions from synthetic needle cover. Such LD as the muscle a shape is difficult to treat and does not disappear after the change of the injection site.


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