Peculiarities of lipid exchange in children with obesity and thyroopathy


  • Shushlyapina E. V. SI «Institute for the Health of Children and Adolescents of the NAMS of Ukraine», Kharkov, Ukraine



children, obesity, thyropathy, blood lipids


The study included 164 obese children aged 6 to 18 years (135 children with thyroid pathology and 29 patients without thyroid disease). In children with obesity and thyroidism, pathological changes in the lipid spectrum of the blood were detected in 86.1 % of patients. These disorders were most significant in children with minimal thyroid insufficiency and subclinical hypothyroidism (especially in boys). The nature of dyslipidemia in obese patients in combination with thyreopathy depends both on the presence of thyroid pathology (primarily AIT) and on the functional state of the thyroid gland. Significant were also changes in individual lipidogram indices in patients with obesity with heterogeneity of the thyroid echostructure, which requires more careful monitoring of the lipid spectrum violation in this group of patients.


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