Benfotiamine new possibilities of application


  • Zherdeva N. N. National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. P. L. Shchupyka, Kiev, Ukraine



benfotiamine, diabetic neuropathy


Everyone is aware about the positive effects of benfotiamine in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy, but this review provides research data that we are told about the additional benefits of the drug. In certain diseases and conditions, such as diabetes mellitus, smoking develops endothelial dysfunction, as a result of oxidative stress and inflammatory processes are aggravated. The use of benfotiamine at a dose of 1050 mg per day for 3 days can reduce not only the manifestations of endothelial dysfunction, reduce the concentration of glucose, and also prevent postprandial reduction of adiponectin. It was also noted that a positive effect on cognitive function, namely by reducing the level of preselin 1, the precursor of β-amyloid. Thus, one can speak about positive neuroptothetic, cardioprotective action, reduction of endothelial dysfunction and improvement of cognitive function with the use of benfotiamine.


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