Hormonal support of endometrium in ivf cycles with vitrified euploid blastocyst transfer


  • Lutskyi A. S. Kharkiv National Medical University, Kharkiv, Ukraine




embryo transfer, cryocycles, endometrial state, support of the luteal phase


A total of 100 women with tubal-peritoneal infertility, that were divided into 2 groups, 50 people each, were examined. In the first group, vitrified embryo transfer was carried out in the natural menstrual cycle with minimal LP support. The second group included patients, who underwent endometrial hormonal preparation and LP maintenance. Analysis of the efficiency of embryo transfer (ET) in the cryocycle showed that after the endometrium prepa ration was performed with hormonal preparations (group II) on the ET day, the thickness and structure of the endometrium normalized and practically did not differ from the endometrial thickness in women in the natural menstrual cycle with minimal LF support (I Group). A slight decrease in vascular resistance indices of uterine blood flow during hormonal preparation of the endometrium, compared with the natural cycle, indicates a posi tive effect of hormonal therapy on the structure and function of the endometrium. The results of the analysis of protocols with hormonal preparation of the endometrium and transfer of thawed embryos in the natural menstrual cycle showed the same efficiency in terms of the frequency of preg nancy.


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